Tanzania Crew is a Columbus, Mississippi native who has always been passionate about chemistry and mixing up home remedies to care for her family,  her husband and three children.  When she originally began her college education, she enrolled as a pre-med student and has the advantage of taking many biology and chemistry classes under her belt.  Even though she graduated with a Bachelors in Business in Computers, she's still had to solve major problems in the world of IT.   So, as you can see, Tanzania is no novice when it comes to mixing concoctions and rigorously seeking solutions for problems. 

Three Notes began as an experiment in Tanzania's kitchen as she searched for a remedy for her severe adult acne.  After trying everything on the market to clear her skin, she decided to try a more natural/holistic approach to clearing her skin and healing her body.  In experimenting with natural ingredients including essential oils, she began to notice a huge improvement in her skin.  It is no surprise to us that she has created a great skincare line that's healing skin issues around the world. 

After realizing the benefits of healing her skin with natural and organic ingredients, it did not take her long to realize that the solution to most of her health problems was to watch what she put on her skin as well as what she put in her body.  She has completely changed her lifestyle by eating clean and paying close attention to the ingredients included in the foods she eats as well as the skin and body care she uses.  That's why you’re sure to find premium grade natural and organic ingredients in Three Notes Skincare. 

While Three Notes is still fairly new, it is making huge waves in the world of natural skincare.  It is Tanzania's goal to educate people on the benefits of natural skincare and taking care of the skin and body through natural, holistic healing.  “Skin issues are usually a symptom of a greater problem.  Topical skincare only addresses the symptom and not the root cause of the problem.  I am happy to offer great products that can help heal skincare issues, but I want to educate people on internal natural healing to target the root of the problem,” says Tanzania.